Funded Projects

Funded Project Proposals

September 2023

SoCal Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Program (by CLEWS)

PIs: James Randerson (PI, UCI), Efi Foufoula-Georgiou (co-PI, UCI), Brett Sanders (co-PI, UCI), Jasper Vrugt (co-PI, UCI), Tirtha Banerjee (co-PI, UCI), Michael Goulden (co-PI,UCI), Kristen Davis (co-PI, UCI), Steven Davis (co-PI, UCI), Katherine Mackey (co-PI, UCI).
Partnering National Labs: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley & Los Alamos National Laboratory

May 2023

Training Robots from Human Videos

PIs: Amit Roy-Chowdhury (Lead PI, UCR), Konstantinos Karydis (UCR), Nikolay Atanasov (UCSD)
Partnering National Lab: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Ensemble-based Robust Models for Computer Vision

PIs: M. Salman Asif (Lead PI, UCR), Amit Roy-Chowdhury (co-PI, UCR) Alfred Chen (co-PI, UCI)
Partnering National Lab: Los Alamos National Laboratory


Seedlings are funded project proposals that expand collaborations initiated at SoCal Hub sponsored workshops.

Data-Driven Many-Body Molecular Dynamics for Predictive Computer Simulations of Complex Molecular Systems

  • Francesco Paesani, UCSD
  • Stephan Mandt, UCI
  • Kipton Barros, LANL


Novel machine learning methods for computational chemistry

  • Eric Mjolsness, UCI
  • Kipton Barros, LANL
  • Brenden Petersen, LLNL


A machine learning enhanced multiscale modeling framework for plasticity and failure in heterogeneous materials

  • Shabnam Semnani, UCSD
  • Jaime Marian, UCLA
  • Diane Oyen, LANL
  • Joshua White, LLNL
  • Eric Herbold, LLNL
  • Michael Homel, LLNL


Design of nanostructured bistable materials as a case study for complex systems center proposals

  • Nicholas Boechler, UCSD
  • Alicia Kim, UCSD
  • Lorenzo Valdevit, UCI
  • Christopher Spadaccini, LLNL


Navigating the combinatorial alloy chemistry challenge of advanced multicomponent materials for nuclear energy applications

  • Jaime Marian, UCLA
  • Amartya Banerjee, UCLA
  • Mathieu Bauchy, UCLA
  • Morris Wang, UCLA
  • Sergei Krasheninnikov, UCSD
  • Stuart Maloy, LANL
  • Osman El Atwani, LANL
  • Saryu Fensin, LANL


Southern California hub for the electron-Ion collider (EIC) physics: gearing up for the EIC Era

  • Zhongbo Kang, UCLA
  • Huan Huang UCLA
  • Miguel Arratia, UCR
  • Cesar da Silva, LANL
  • Astrid Morreale, LANL
  • Ron Stoltz, LLNL
  • Aaron Angerami, LLNL
  • Ramona Vogt, LLNL


Two-component unconventional superconductors and topological states of matter

  • Stuart Brown, UCLA
  • Mark Sherwin UCSB
  • Filip Ronning, LANL


Project HUNTER (Heavy Unseen Neutrinos from Total Energy-momentum Reconstruction)

  • Alexander Kusenko, UCLA
  • Graciela Gelmini, UCLA
  • Alexander Kusenko, UCLA
  • Paul Hamilton, UCLA
  • Eric Hudson, UCLA
  • Kevork Abazajian, UCI
  • George Fuller, UCSD
  • Daniel Alves, LANL
  • Christopher Fryer, LANL